Race2Dubai final week with two records from Fleetwood!

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Dubai DP World Race2Dubai final week

While 155 Players are batteling the European Tour School sesame 25 cards in Spain, Fleetwood flies to play-off glory in South Africa with probably the world lowest ever par5s last round scoring: birdie-eagle-eagle-eagle... and with it the biggest European Tour Prize USD 2,5 millions! We knew that today golf has become a Par5s game changer but to this extend we did not think if would be possible... Congratulations Tommy!

Full report from the European Tour  https://www.europeantour.com/european-tour/rolex/news/articles/detail/fleetwood-flies-to-play-off-glory-in-sun-city/


Above Tommy Fleetwood impressive Par5s round 4 results (Birdie, Eagle, Eagle, Eagle)

This week in Dubai another purse records will be broken...  

#IamCaddiePlayerStephane in Dubai

Bhullar 115th OM 2019 retains last ET card 2020. KLM CaddiePlayerFounder assisting strategic 7.9 points!

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While on Sunday night Tiger Woods was leading the Zozo championship PGA into tying Sam Snead 82 PGA tour records wins (27 birdies made Tiger the winner) others where hoping for a last European tour chance in Portugal to secure their European 2020 Tour card. For that they needed to finish the ET 2019 season not lower than 446.7 points mark

We are glad to see our CaddiePlayer client Gaganjeet Bhullar from India to be fortunate finishing on the 115th last spot and regain his 2020 ET privilege. We can say, according to CaddiePlayerBarras report, that game plan strategy on par5s combine with a PuttGained +5,8 at the KLM Open was a key element to gain crucial 7,9 points to finished ahead of 116th Hugo Leon at 440.6 points. 

Screenshot 20191029 095759 Chrome

More on ET tour card by sky: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.skysports.com/amp/golf/news/12176/11847149/portugal-masters-who-secured-european-tour-cards-for-2020

More on Tiger 82th wins by golfwire: https://thegolfwire.com/tiger-bridgestone-golf-2/

Colsaerts: In Madrid in Jeopardy, in Paris in Stardom #LifeOnTour think positive

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Aberlady World Hickory Golf Championship no Belgian there even though there federation was founded in 1912 and Nicolas Colsaerts just surprised many with his French Open win, based on recent form: he had just one top-five finish in his previous 55 worldwide starts for one.

For two, one of us was Caddying in the same group as Colsaerts during the first 36holes at the Spanish Open in Madrid. At that time Colsaerts was on the edge to Miss out his season and in jeopardy to go back to Tour School > 117 Race2Dubai.

At last, two week later and a win at the French Open and Colsaerts is back in Stardom ...  https://www.europeantour.com/european-tour/news/articles/detail/colsaerts-back-to-winning-ways-in-paris/

Positive Thinking by Ian 
Think positive and not negatively , we are told . Not a bad idea , or ' not bad ' . Or , am I ,' good ' , thanks . So out for a game of golf and , ' great shot ' . Was it really ? ' Great shot ' , again . I am not very good at golf , but I must be amazing . Maybe I am not bad , or maybe I hit some ' not bad ' shots . But ' great ' is stretching reality a bit far . Very positive though , even though I can occasionally be ' not bad ' , or even hit some not bad shots . Obviously for some shots to be ' not bad' , then there are a lot of bad shots .
Great shots , were just a positive comment . We need something to compare the good , the bad and the ugly . We can talk a good game , we can catch the big fish . We can think a good game , but let's not analyse our dreams . What we actually need is , ' a positive method to overcome our faults '. We will leave the positive thinking for when we truly know what we are doing . When we truly know how to swing and to play the game . Then we have a good chance of being not bad , and hitting more ' not bad ' shots .
Maybe the odd shot , which an observer might consider ' great ' , and that could be great for him or great for me . But we will get to the stage of generally ' not bad ' , combined with no disasters . Good , bad , but not ugly . How is that for positive thinking ? Correct ! Let us address our own reality , and be positive.

 LifeOnTour is a surprise world... 

Italian Open #RolexSeries sending me to #Rome "Universal Peace"

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Golf club Olgiata 

Congratulations to CaddiePlayer Richard Sterne T15, moving inside the Top 30 of the Race to Dubai > https://www.europeantour.com/european-tour/italian-open-2019/results?round=4

Monday blog: all "roads lead to Rome" 11 miles south of Olgiata I found "Universal Peace" Project... 

... Glad I could extend my stay to Rome,  if you have just an extra day like me, you must see the "Pantheon" temple dedictated to all of the Gods where hundreds of tourists queue to enter Rome's best-preserved monument admired by today engineers how the Romans could built such a mathematically precise/complex/perfect structure without computer and fossil energy. Then head to Sant'Ignazio church  the 1:2000 scale "Temple of Christ the King" build by a 70 years old artist maestro (took him 28 years to complete) the scale temple as so called "UT UNUM SINT" (so that they will be one) is the cradle of the dialogue to end wars and reach "Universal Peace"... 

Thanks to the European Tour for taking us every week to fantastic venue...  #DrivingGolfFurther. See you in Rome in 2022 maybe before... #RyderCuphttps://www.golfmarcosimone.com/en/ryder_cup/




Celebrating Links golf with a cut at -9... Where do we go from here?

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Alfred Dunhill Links Championship Old Course St. Andrews, Carnoustie & Kingsbarns

On a regular Tour week, you have  one practice round and two cut rounds and then if you play to your normal standard which according to our science finding is between 2 and 6 under, you should be fine for the weekend cut and then build up the risks to hopefully get to a top 20 or if things goes your way a top 10.

When you play the Dunhill, things get a little longer/tougher as you then need three practice rounds and three more cut rounds not to forget the logistic time (the road trip and early wake up call) playing on three sites/demanding courses. This is all fine knowing that a top 20 will secure your yearly tournaments expenses of around 50'000 Euro and a win secure your life at St-Andrews heaven. 88 Tour caddies and players did not get to compete St-Andrews on Sunday... for this you had to score -9... #LifeOnTour can be tough even for Rory T26 at -15 and complains! 

Quotes from Rory: "I think if the European Tour wants to put forth a really good product, the golf courses and setups need to be tougher." 

Full story > https://golf.swingbyswing.com/tour/rory-bashes-european-tour-course-setups/#.XZIVRzX191c.link

Congratulation to French Victor Perez for securing his StAndrews heaven.... we have heard he was allready in Scottish heaven before Sunday. Probably this is why in Won... Thank you to her girlfriend ;-) 

 >  https://www.alfreddunhilllinks.com/

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