Rolex Series debute in AbuDhabi with 128 Caddies. From JackWhite to James Erkenbeck...

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AbuDhabi - UAE

2023 will mark 150th birth anniversary of probably the first ever professional Caddie*. To celebrate 150 years of professional Caddying we thought we will start our 2023 blog/news with a Caddie story and here it happen to be about Caddie James Erkenbeck who happen to be the Caddie of Victor Perez who thanks to a miracle bunker shot "In" on 17th wins the $ 1,53 million check (10% to James) HSBC Championship at Yas Links - Abu Dhabi. 

Perez's victory was the third of his career on the DP World Tour and the most lucrative. 

“It was probably the greatest shot I’ve ever hit,”  Victor Perez celebrates with his caddie James Erkenbeck after he had holed his second shot from the green-side bunker for a birdie en route to victory at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Championship.

As we never heard of James Erkenbeck before Abu Dhabi we google his name and here is what we found:

A San Diego native, James Erkenbeck graduated from the University of New Mexico, where he won two tournaments during his senior season, including the NCAA Columbus Regional. He was the Mountain West Player of the Year and an All-MWC selection. Erkenbeck, who finished with the second-lowest career strokes-per-round average in UNM history, also earned a spot on the U.S. Palmer Cup team, which won win big in Wilmington, DE.  

Victor and James met at the university of New Mexico  > and together earned their respectively biggest career check! Congratulations James (Caddie) & Victor (Player) 

Caddies name list at the 2023 HSBC Abu Dhabi Championship. (HighLights the Caddies we know personaly) 

Neil Crate, Damian Moore, Xabi Gorospe, Markus Croeser, Martijn van Oosterhout, Erik Frost, Chris Lloyd, Guy Tilston, Paul Drummond, Basile Dalberto, John Moulrooney, Jesus Legarrea, Owen Craig, David Corrigan, Brendan McCartain, Steve Petite, Barry Cornwall, Jady de Beer, John McLaren, Mark Sherwood, Zack Rasego, Abednigo Vee Rabasotho, Diego Suazo, Theo Rouhaud, Stevie Neilsen, Dave McNealy, Ian Finnis, David Kenny, David Kenny, Dean Smith, Dan Clarke, Craig Farrelly, Luke Swemmer, Chris Liley, Dan Urban, Alan Burns, Ronan Flood, Michael Donaghy, Jacob Szöts, Kisko Perez, James Baker, Henry Tomlinson, Christian Christensen, Terry Mundy, Rasmus Bofill, Ritchie Blair, Hari Pachu, Chris Simmons, Meg Sakai, Takashi Ohagen, Alan Tulleth, Laurie Potter, Martin Seddon, Robbie Chisnall, Adrian Verroca, Nick Mumford, Andreas Haindl, Peter Olsson, Raul Quiros, Max Bill, Theunis Bezuidenhout, Stuart Davidson, Darren Reynolds, John Dempster, Callum Matheson, Martyn Roberts, Steven Alan Tooby, Richard Logue, Brian Martin, Martin Gray, Michael Thomson, Connor Winstanley, Chris Selfridge, Stuart Beck, Alberto Calvo, Pello Iguaran, Andrew Forsyth, Jan Squire, Solomon Soli, Mark Crane, Kasper Estrup, Dominic Bott, Ian More, Oliver Briggs, Sebastien Clément, Jamie Herbert, James Erkenbeck, Adam Marrow, James Walton, Simon Keelan, Riku Mattila, Jason Palmer, Kessler Karain, Stanley May, Patxi Londaitz, Niclas Hellberg, Pascal Schneider, Collin Sikobi, Josh Read, Lyle Phillips, Andrew Sutton, Sam Matton, Jesper Söderberg, Jonathan Bell, Gareth Lord, Sam Straka, Jaris Kruger, Tom Ridley, Ryan McGuigan, Väinö Viitaharju, Graeme Rowan, Charlie George, Wian Faber, Sam Bernard, Angus Hay, Alex Evans, Harry Bird, Mick Doran, Gordon Faulkner, Josh McColl, Pete Blyfield, Oliver Suhr, James Nelson, Francisco Mateo.


*JackWhite was probably the first professional Caddie born 15th August 1873 

Jackwhite biorgraphie

Need a Caddie >


Baig, Rose and More going backward 2022...

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From Abu Dhabi, 

December is a special months for many reasons we reflect, celebrate and hope. For me its december 13th my birthday that count the most because its a challenge where I am and with who I shall be and what I shall do and this year was no exceptions. A special thanks to MyGolfDubai I could welcome UAE friends.

"Times goes or fly I should say and every year I wonder what the next will bring."

This december 2022 was all about "Football in Qatar" and I was privileged to watch the final at my AbuDhabi "CaddiePlayerFamily" beautiful football Majlis. I was cheering for France...  then CaddiePlayer Amhed Baig wins the Pakistan Open so 2022 ends with a positive CaddiePlayer result. 

I never thought 2022 would be so full of CaddiePlayer stories ... could not start worst as I caught Covid on January first then it all went positive after.

Touring the Alps countries on behalf of the Swiss Green Alps Foundation, touring Europe with the LegendsTour and sharing privileged moments with its players and destinations.

Harvest in Burgundy and consult in Tuscany. Being in Scotland for 3 Opens (Mens: writing for Hello Birdies, Seniors: Caddying for Andre Bossert, Ladies: knowing Rose Zhang World n.1 )... and MOREManagement Golf welcoming his first client > Daniel Gurtner here we come.

Wish all CaddiePlayers register happy festive and many birdies. Stéphane Barras #KeepGoing  


 Celebrating my Birthday december 13th at MyGolfDubai

Rory, Tommaso and me at the Player's Lounge. DPWorld Tour Championship Dubai hosting G4DTour final series.

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Dubai UAE,

I was not supposed to be at the DPWorld Tour Championship's Players Lounge as since covid I have been more active on the LegendsTour. However, last month, I was in Tuscany, Italy doing a project in beautiful CastelFalfi Resort  when I met G4D (Golf for the Disabled) Tour player Tommaso Perrino (Disabled World N.5) whom had just won the G4D Tour leg ISPS Handa World Invitational in Irlande. As a result Tommaso qualify for the G4D final series and here I was with Tommaso at the players lounge having the same menu as Rory Mcilroy (World N.1)...

I personaly think that giving disabled top golfers the opportunity to play the same week, the same course as the best golfers in the world is a great opportunity, on top of that they can meet each other in the players lounge, on the putting green and the practice range where they can interact. 

Quote from Jon Rahm winner of the 2022 DPWorld Tour Championship 

"I truly think it is a wonderful thing to have something like that " I'm decently close with Disabled Juan Postigo, and to see him hit the golf ball is one of the most amazing things you'll ever see on a golf course. How good he can hit it, how far he can hit it one-legged is truly incredible. 

The new look G4D (Golf for the Disabled) Tour featured a minimum of seven events, culminating in the G4D Grand Finale in Dubai. G4D tournaments is closely linked to DP World Tour tournaments – playing on the same course during the same tournament week. CaddiePlayer is welcoming Disabled to use its data statistics solutions.  

"I am looking forward to the next G4D Tour Abu Dhabi Championship 2023 where I shall CaddiePlayer Tommaso Perrino. I know the course very well from my last venue back in 2019 when CaddiePlayer Richard Sterne finished second ".

Stéphane Barras CaddiePlayer Founder


DPWorldTourFinal2022 Stats

DPWorld Tour Championship Rory's Press Conference Release:

Q. You achieved something you had not before by winning the FedExCup and the DP World Tour ranking in the same year, and returned to world No. 1. How proud are you of the body of work you've put together this year?

RORY McILROY: Yeah, very proud of myself. Harry (Rory's Caddie) and I were talking going up the last fairway. It seems like it's a long time since San Antonio, the Texas Open the week before Augusta this year when I was sort of struggling a little bit and made a couple of tweaks with my game and with my equipment. Went to a different golf ball. It seemed like just after that, my whole year turned around and got a ton the momentum at the Masters and just went from there.

Official trial on the Legends Tour, CaddiePlayer data solution going one step further at the Italian Senior Open in Argentario.

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Since the 2012 World Scientific Congress of Golf Paper: “Better Understanding Putting Distance, Perception and Goals” followed by the launch of CaddiePlayer solution, founder’s Stephane Barras has been in close relationship with the European Tour and its partners exploring way to collaborate. First in 2014 through their ETPI partnership, then in 2017 with the launch of Waggle by 15th club.

When Covid spread and the European Tour events (DPWorldTour) became restricted to one "essential staff", Stephane found new stream to assist remotely tour players and, in the meantime, finalized a strategic partnership with Hello Birdie app.

Then in 2021, Stephane saw an opportunity to be involve with the *Legends Tour. This let him start a journey with Swiss Golf Legend Andre Bossert known as “Bossy”. Bossy an active user of statistics started to get more familiar with CaddiePlayer solution and more data could be studied. As a result, a way to implement them into the Legends Tour “alliance” mix Amateurs and Professionals’ playing separate format was found.  

After several testing events throughout 2022: Austria Riegler & Partner Legends, Jersey Legends, Farmfoods European Legends Links Championship hosted by Ian Woosnam and the WCM Legends Open de France hosted by Jean Van de Velde, the final statistic grid sheet was in place and ready for an official trial.

Thanks to a cooperation with Vt-Golf and its Founder Eric Binetruy an easy friendly data tool app was then build and tested during the 2022 Italian Senior Open. 

Stephane's quote:

“I am grateful to the Legends Tour who has giving me the opportunity to spend three days inside the official recording area where I could interact with everyone involved. A special thanks to all the players and caddies who took their time to fill the statistic grid to collect the necessary data.  I am pleased with the outcome and I am looking forward to get the results”


Stephane Barras at the Recording Area during the Italian Senior Open at Argentario Golf Club

*The Legends Tour is the current name of the European Senior Tour and is the official tour for players over 50. It is part of the PGA European Tour alongside the DP World Tour and European Challenge Tour >

Cameron Smith finishes the best putter on and off the greens. The 150th Open Championship review by Stephane Barras & Hello Birdie.

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Best putter from Thursday to Sunday

by Stéphane Barras CaddiePlayer Founder & Hello Birdie head of Academy

On the last round, despite a better Long Game Index, Rory was probably not having the best sensations on the greens as he needed 36 putts, where 29 were enough for Cameron.

“I felt like I didn’t do much wrong today, but I didn’t do much right either[…] It’s just one of those days where I played a really controlled round of golf.”

Rory McIlroy

Back nine Sunday was mainly an amazing birdie strike from Cameron with an up and down on 17th that left Rory 2 shots back from European hopes.


Full story >

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