Embedding Twitter #LessBogeys #MoreBirdies .... Original Lockdown PuttDrill @StephaneBarras @CaddiePlayer @PuttZones #JustDoIt

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CaddiePlayer.online Invitational 2020 by Stephane Barras Calling for Motivators/Promotors/Representative

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May 1st 2020, Stephane Barras CaddiePlayer Founder, will invite all Professionals golfers (mens and womens) from around the World of Golf to join, the first CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational Pro tournament. 

Brief Format: A) Pro Players scoring to be self-entered online either by the Player or by his Caddie, Coach, Manager, Friend or Sponsor B) Players registration can also be funded either by their Caddies, Coaches, Managers, Friends or Sponsors. C) If qualified for the Invitational Grand Final 2020 (OMTop50 + 15invites), the qualifier Players will take their *Caddies, and share the Grand Final prizes money.

Registration, rules and regulations to follow > www.caddieplayer.online

*Caddie can either be: A Tour/Club Caddie, Coach, Manager, Friend or Sponsor.

 To activate/engage as many participants as possible, Stephane Barras is calling:

10 regionals CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational Motivators/Promotors/ Representatives

  • United Kingdom - Irlande
  • Francophonie countries (Morocco – Tunisia includes)
  • Italy – (Switzerland Italian Part)
  • Germany – (Switzerland German Part)
  • China - Taiwan
  • South Africa
  • USA – Americas – Canada (non-French speaking)
  • Australia – New-Zealand
  • India - Asia
  • Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland, Norway)

Motivators/Promotors/Representative benefits*

Rewards: 5,000.- USD, One CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 Grand Final invitation, 1 % equity share of CaddiePlayer.online website/services, 10% Regional Sponsorships commissions

*To get the above benefits the regional agent will need to encourage and invite, mainly from his desk computer, social media networks, word of mouth 500 paid registrations from his region

  Interested?  Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


TheMasters week: #LessBogeys #MordBirdies First putting show #GolfAtHome from Stephane Barras

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From #DubaiLockdown like #RETWEET share my first online video #LessBogeys #MoreBirdies @TheMasters week #StayAtHome #GolfAtHome #StayStrongWithSrixon practice the “3 balls sleeve palm drill” @PuttZones #OnePutt Master @CaddiePlayer #coronachallenge #LifeOnTour @SwissPGA

By Stephane Barras CaddiePlayer and PuttZones Founder, 2020 GolfDigest #BestInternationalTeachers List


Showing the Srixon 3 balls sleeve with slogan #LessBogeys #More Birdies (5sec.)

“Would you like to know how to make #LessBogeys #MoreBirdies? Now, I will show you how…

Hello! Welcome to my salon, Welcome to my putting carpet. My name is Stephane Barras since 2009 assisting Tour Caddies and Players around the World how to make #LessBogeys #MoreBirdies. To do that, they also need to Master the 6 feet putt. Today I will share with you my latest 6 feet putting drill:

Its call “The 3 balls sleeve palm”

Put your 3 balls (Srixon) sleeve on your palm toward the target and parallel to your shoulder. Then repeat after me: #LessBogeys #MoreBirdies (Play the shot and strike the PuttZones Target) Easy! 😊 #LessBogeys #MoreBirdies 

Now just practice!... All the best and see you soon…. until then: #StayAtHome #GolfAtHome #PuttZones #LessBogeys #MoreBirdies ” 😊  


Watch #LessBogeys #MoreBogeys > https://youtu.be/L9tnSGub24A

Et pour nos amis Francophones > 


CaddiePlayer Founder, Stephane Barras amongst Golf Digest's "Best 75 International Golf Teachers outside USA"

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We are extremely proud and honored to read in this month's GolfDigest issue page 69, that our Founder and Coach Stephane Barras has been identified amongst the best. 

This reinforces our believe that Stephane's work with CaddiePlayer and PuttZones is in line with our faith in his golf research.

ALL THOSE national flags you see next to the names on the leaderboards at PGA and LPGA Tour events should be validation that golf is a global game. But just to prove the point, we at GolfDigest conducted a worldwide search to identify the best instructors outside the U.S.

What we found were 75 teachers from 33 countries in virtually every region of the Earth. These are Golf Digest’s Best International Teachers . Great coaching is being delivered in dozens of languages from Dutch to Mandarin, but the processes seem universally similar: Simplify the complexities of the game, so that even the most rank beginners experience successes and enjoyment out on the golf course. 

The 75 best International Teachers outside USA list: *Countries listed are from where list names operates

Santiago Garat Argentina, Steve Bann Australia, Anne - Marienight  Australia, Dale Lynch Australia, Denis Mcdade Australia, Ian Triggs Australia, Stuart Morgan Austria, Mitchell Spearman Bahamas, Jerome Theunis Belgium, Henry Brunton Canada, Kathy Gook Canada,  Rob Houlding Canada, Derek Ingram Canada, Shauheen Nakhjavani Canada, Matt Wilson Canada, Eduardo Miquel Chile, Connie Chen China, David Norquay China, Kevin Smeltz China, Jorge Mesa Colombia, Jiri Nemecek Czech Republic, Karel Skopovy Jun Czech Republic, David Dickmeiss Denmark, Andreas Kali Denmark, Jamie Mcconnell Dubai, Enrico Villo Estonia, Mikael Piltz Finland, Stephane Barras France,  Alain Alberti France, Paul Dyer Germany, Ian Holloway Germany, Jesse Grewal India, Randy Mawuntu Indonesia, Neil Manchip Ireland, Brendan Mcdaid Ireland, Shane O’grady Ireland, Sergio Bertaina Italy, Roberto Zappa Italy, Todd Baker Japan, Toru Inoue Japan, Yoshie Koyama Japan, Horacio Morales Mexico, Alejandro Munoz Mexico, Tom Stickney Mexico, Phil Allen Netherlands, Susan Farron New Zealand, Guy Wilson New Zealand, Rob Cheney Portugal, Justin Han Singapore, Peter Berman South Africa, john Dickson South Africa, Jamie Gough South Africa, Derek James South Africa, Hyunjee Chun South Korea, Duch Ho Koh South Korea, Siwoo Lee South Korea, Robin Symes South Korea, Jason Floyd Spain, Jose Vicente Perez Spain, Jesus Rodriguez Spain, Christian Hardin Sweden, Henrik Lundqvist Sweden, Henri Reis Sweden, Mario Caligari Switzerland, Noppakhun Wonglaw Thailand, Michael Bannon United Kingdom, Stuart Clayton United Kingdom, Peter Cowen United Kingdom, Phil Kenyon United Kingdom, Hugh Marr United Kingdom, Chris Murtagh United Kingdom, Andrew Nicholson United Kingdom, Denis Pugh United Kingdom, James Ridyard United Kingdom, Mike Walker United Kingdom.

By Ron KASPRISKE, Senior GolfDigest Editor. > https://www.golfdigest.com/story/golf-digests-best-international-teachers


R.I.P. Mickey Wright #ThePerfectSwing Inspiration and Fascination

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HuaHin, Thailand, Asian Tour School Final with CaddiePlayerBaig

Five days ago I was browsing our Twitters and bumped into the European Tour latest show: Who do you think has #ThePerfectSwing?  Can the golf Swing Be Perfected? Control, Consistent, Stand Under Pressure, Solid Contact, Power, Engine, Talent, Nurture were the key words of the players/coaches interviewed.

Oliver Wilson, 16 years veteran on the European Tour: What is the perfect Swing and does it even exist ?

Coincidentlly after watching the 12 mins 47 secs show I discovered a Tweet from @uswomensopen "Happy Birthday to Mickey Wright the woman with the greatest swing!" and reTweet to Oliver Wilson: "#ThePerfectSwing, Mickey Wright is the one!".

I recall when I was an apprentice in Palm Springs California back in 1981 and heard about Mickey Wright having the best Swing ever. I have used her as a reference in my teaching ever since.

"As a matter of fact the year I was born in 1963, Wright holds the record for most wins in a single LPGA season, with 13."

I would not have imagined three days later, shortly after her 85 birthday on february 14th, Mickey would pass away.  Now her PERFECT Swing stories, facts, videos are all over the Golf World. 


To my believe/teaching, the benefit of #ThePerfectSwing is the ability to Reach Greens more consistently in Regulation and with it there is a direct corolation with the Score. This direct corolation can be calculated by CaddiePlayer software:  #TheSwingScore.  So there is a corolation between #TheSwingScore and #ThePerfectSwing.... When you reach all Greens in Regualtion your SwingScore will be 59.

Another interesting coincidence is that at the last DPWorld final, I met the people behind a new company #TheSwingIndex and found out Adam Scott was involved. Coincidently Adam won last week's Genesis Open with #TheSwingScore69. (CaddiePlayer chart below)

Adam led the field in Greens in Regulation at Riviera, hitting 72,2%.

Further 15th club analyst quote: High achievment in this statistic is a regular thing for Scott: in his last 12 PGA tour starts, Adam has ranked in the top-five Greens in Regulation seven times. 


Throughout my golf career I have been fortunate to be able to watch, caddie, play, monitor and coach countless tour pros. Here are my top 10 PERFECT SWINGS:

  1. JackNicklaus
  2. Tom Watson
  3. Gary Player
  4. Colin Montgomerie
  5. Severiano Ballesteros
  6. Moe Norman
  7. Mickey Wright
  8. Emiliano Grillo
  9. Adam Scott
  10. Richard Sterne

In conclusion the Swing is a great Inspiration and Fascination! Rest in Peace Mickey Wright.

CaddiePlayer Stephane 

More Key words to #ThePerfectSwing by the European Tour: Data analyse today can measure what is the perfect golf swing.... reaching the limits of the players.... understand forces.... center of gravity... repeat the trajectory I want.... Understanding the blue print... The one thing that matters the most is: RESULT.... > Find a Swing that can launch the ball a long way and straight... Top players long games matter the most.... Equipment technologies... Data anlaysis. First target is length, second is accuracy, third is consistency.... Optimize Performance... Become Like a ROBOT day in day out. Full show here > https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBvclVCX2ro&t=8s


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