The Amundi Evian Championship > RoseT9 "Très bien" and @Chendo23 "Très bien" aussi ...

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#CaddiePlayer's founder was a guest of EVIAN Water, Stephane Barras was there to say "Très bien" une fois... deux fois...

... et trois fois > Vive la Française Celine Boutier qui remporte son premier majeur devant son publique. "Très bien" (1)

Quote from The Amundi Evian Champion Celine Boutier

"It's just unbelievable that I get to have my first major win at home, I mean, in France. I could not have scripted it better. I feel like it's just so perfect that it's hard to believe that it's true." 

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I have been coming to Evian since ages... I have been there so many times with so many stories that I could write a book about it (Caddie/Coach/Teacher/Reporter/Agent) > just tap "Evian" on our CaddiePlayer search blog and you will find 9 related stories.

My 2023 EVIAN edition was again stories telling, having breakfast at the Royal Resort and lunch with Danone executive was something to remember.  However my week highlight was to give a PuttZones instruction to Rose Zhang Father Hai Bin and followed Rose to collect data to benchmark her pairing round 1 and 2 with Korda/MinJee and as you can see below Korda was struggling on the greens as after two rounds she only hold 18% from medium distances!

Benchmark 2023 Evian 

At last I was honored to meet face to face Cailyn Henderson and her Mother both guest of the Golf Channel. Giving some swing thoughts/concept to a golf athlete & Indiana State Amateur Champion Cailyn Henderson alias Insta @chendo23 (120k+ Followers) is some kind of an experiences, Cailyn has huge potential and with it a BIG SMILE... Now a Professional golfer, Cailyn hope one day play the Evian. > Très Bien! (2)

To summarize my Evian week I can only quote: "It started "très mal*" and ended "Très Bien"... (3)

#IamCaddiePlayer Founder Stephane 1,2,3 Très bien! 

*"trés mal" because, despite holding a press badge, I was denied media access. 


With Stephane, Cailyn alias @chendo23 practicing on swing thoughts at Evian Resort


Rose Zhang current data provided by KPMG >

Confidence in Short putts and new equipment’s get Diksha Dagar a “spectacular” season’s come back with a secure 4 shots win and a 45’000-euro prize at the Tipsport Czech Ladies Open.

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Caddie Father Narinder and lefty Player Daughter Diksha have done it their own way, their best way… currently standing TOP5 at the LET order of Merit.

I first met Narinder and Diksha at the launching Aramco Team Series London back in 2021 in the Middle of Covid restrictions. I was on my way to the OPEN at Royal St Georges to pay respect to the 1904 Open Champion Jack White*, in the process I got my first Pfizer vaccination, felt awkward/dizzy yet went on to follow and CaddiePlayer Ryan Fox’s 36 holes. Since “Foxy” had one of the fastest/best rises on the Golf World scene, today playing on the PGA tour making all cuts in the Majors.  

Having coached former n.1 India Player Gaganjeet Bhullar was a good introduction to captivate the attention of Caddie and Player Dagar. India is today the largest populate country in the World yet the India Golf scene is still a small Family. As a result, Narinder, Diksha and I quickly got along and went on to interesting talk about what it takes to be a great player. Since, we have kept close contact. As I am based in Scotland and the 2022 AIG Ladies Open came to Gullane, I was hoping to meet again Father & Daughter Dagar. On Monday pre-qualify at North Berwick Diksha shoot 4 under to qualify, I then invite the Dagar Family to the Jack White Hickory Historical shop to find a 100 years old hickory left handed putter and here we went to the Muirfield putting green for some short putts practice.

Quote from Stéphane: “First to Master are the short putts as it is the simplest stroke in golf. Once you master the short putts you move on to Master the medium putt and then the long putts. If so, you will Master 1/3 of the game”

The Colonel who Became a Caddie

Narinder Dagar a Officer from New Delhi who now dedicate his time to Caddie her lefty daughter Diksha has all my admiration. I have caddied on the LET, the caddies are more teenagers/starter or boyfriends like so being a Father Caddie can be pretty lonely challenging. Yet Narinder mind is sharp as on the battle field and his vision for Diksha crystal clear… being top5 on the Ladies European Tour is for now just a step and not a conclusion.

Quote from Narinder: “We didn’t have a good start of the season our 4 starts have been hectic as Diksha lost her golf set in a flight transfer. To find a replacement set was a big challenge.  Several friends helped us to find the best equipment possible as for example the perfect “Shaft”. Also, The India golf environment was as well a big motivation factor to get selected for the Asian Game or the Olympic Games we needed to be more in an Athletic/Fitness and Competitive Frame of Mind and this is what we are doing now”  


More Ladies More winners

I must say the past weekend was probably the first time in my CaddiePlayer life that I got to witness 3 Ladies wins on a single Sunday. Therefore I do not want to miss Congratulate Romaine Masserey the Montreux Golf Club Ladies Champion by 35 shots! As well Celeste Mangeat winning my home club Crans-sur-Sierre U16 Swiss Tour series with a last round of 68! Well done, Ladies!

Welcome to BeautyNGolf

All these successful Ladies Golfers has inspire me to unofficially pre-announce the soft launch of BeautyNGolf. An exciting project I am working on since I met Ana early May this year.

Ana “LaVisagista” is an expert beautician based in Milan. Graduated and specialized in aesthetics, with an experience of over ten years in the Beauty sector, she has advanced knowledge of all the chemical-dermatological and aesthetic aspects related to the skin and face. 

I am looking forward to combine Ana’s ANTIGRAVITY FACE LIFT technics within the golf industry where Ana and I will host BeautyNGolf Master Classes at exclusive golf resorts around the World.

A beautiful FACE with A beautiful SWING! @BeautyNGolf


As from now you can follow us on Instagram @BeautyNGolf or register on our website  > www.beautyN.GOLF

Until next time #IamCaddiePlayer #IamBeautyNGolfer …

We have the PuttZones PGA Championship data…. And we amused ourself to benchmark the best Tour pro with the best Club Pro… and guess what?

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Looks like  the star of the PGA Championship at Oak Hill was not Rory receiving Whatsapp Swing advice from Tiger Woods. Instead the Charismatic Club Pro's at Golf club Arroyo Trabuco's Michael Block got all the attentions.

GolfDigest did not miss the opportunity to compare Michael's PGA Championship performances against the best Tour players in the field, they also quote : "We are now a Michael Block fan account!"  

We at CaddiePlayer became fan too, we also benchmark Block's #PuttZones putting performance… against the winner Brooks Koepka! and guess what? .... Block's not only beat Koepka yet 69 more players!  

PGA 2023 Benchmark     

Brooks Koepka Tour Pro PuttZones data (Left) versus Michael Block Club Pro PuttZones data (Right)

Since the beginning of our data scientifical story 10 years ago, we have always believed that eyes should come first and machine second. In today’s world it’s almost like it has become the other way around. The reasons: saving time and energy, being faster and “better” this is where we are going to. Instant this, Instant that…

To a certain extend we at CaddiePlayer agree, but then there is a limit that we at CaddiePlayer still refuse to go to > Full automatization! and this year PGA Championship at Oak Hill is the perfect example where you can ask yourself how much you can relay on automotive data capture by a Laser rather than a Human?

At CaddiePlayer we still function the “Old Fashion Way” “Family Office Style” where our eyes, knowledge, experiences as Caddies and Players are fully activate double checking all rounds we received.

Thanks to our insider and with the help of automatization laser costing millions of USD we can more or less get all the data we want/need to benchmark all the Players we want/need shall they compete on the PGA (Shot Link) or European Tour (IMG Arena). 

Quote from our Insider eyes Matt to our Founder Stephane: “Not sure what to make of the 100% (0-2ft) range other than I did notice some discrepancies when watching the tournament coverage and some of the putt distances picked up by Shot link cameras.”

#WeAreCaddiePlayer #WeAreFamilyOffice #WeTrustOurEyes and we congratulate Michael Block for his outstanding putting performance.

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4 putts to win the Masters... Now try for yourself, we have Jon Rahm's putting data. Before watch the presentation ceremony with a special tribute to Jon's Caddie Adam.

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The Masters 2023 from CaddiePlayer insider.

You have been watching, you have been reading, you have been talking now its time to putt.

Thanks to CaddiePlayer's insider Matt, we have been able to create the putting scheme of Jon Rahm his 4th round 307 feet of putts to win the 2023 Masters by one shot. 

To see hole by hole, LogIn into your CaddiePlayer account, then go: Start a new CaddiePlayer round and preselect course "PuttZonesRound4TheMasters2023JonRahm" and good luck! 29 putts he did! What about you? 

FYI: As with Jon Rahm, Caddies can play a big part of your putting performance. Here below you can read and learn more about Jon Rahm's Caddie. 

Jon Rahm's Masters ceremony speach about his Caddie Adam Hayes

“I want to start with the man who spends more time with me than my own wife and kids: my caddie, Adam Hayes, you’ve been a role model to me, and you keep being a role model with your professionalism, your positive attitude and your work ethic. It’s pretty incredible the stuff he does out there. This event, and some of the things we’ve accomplished together definitely wouldn’t have happened if I didn’t have him on the bag, so Adam, thank you.”

*Hayes and Rahm started working together in 2016, and Hayes has been on the bag for all of Rahm’s biggest on-course moments. Rahm’s win at Augusta on Sunday was his second career major championship, his fourth victory in 2023 and the 11th win of his PGA Tour career. >


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