First CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational Participants list, Peter Dallat from Ireland leads the show with 282 (-6)

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Crans Montana, Switzerland by Stephane Barras 

After a month of countless hours putting all together, I am pleased to publish the first participants/ranking list of my lockdown event initiative. An original format gathering the world of golf as well raising money for good causes. In that regards, I want to take this opportunity to thanks my developper team, my partners, my friends, the Swiss PGA and all the others who so far have contribuated to launched the CPO Invitational. All this would not have been possible without our IT networkd technologies making the Corona virus crisis a way to challenge ourself for a better global tomorrow. Seeing the CPO Invitational participants from countries as Australia, Italy, France, Switzerland and Ireland is just the prove of this globality. 

Every Monday will be publish the update list. The first 25 to register/completed will be part of a draw to qualify for the final. The Players entry will be closed on July 31th. Any body can participate as a CaddieDraw > > 

Peter Dallat top the Stage 1 Leaderboard     

With a 4 rounds total score of 282 (-6) Peter Dallat from Ireland currently living in Switzerland, St Legier is our first leader. Peter turned pro late 2018 with +3hcp and has currently a full category on the AlpsTour 

Top 275 Players to qualify for Stage 2 

CPO List 18.05 2020 

50 days to raise 50'000.- CHF > IbelieveInYou > do you believe in Me?

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My Story, Your Success...

CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020, One week on Update

Thanks to IBelieveInYou Crowdfunding platform, I have been able to find a way to "finance" engage the CPOInvitational project.

Raising 50'000.- CHF in 50 days will not be an easy task considering the current situation. Never less, I am taking the challenge offering some exciting unique Awards, like the > Scotland East Lothian Hickory VIP Golf Experience where You will go back in time and discover/play/learn about this region I am now living in…

As from now, I am pleased to see I Believe In You first 4 backers combining Caddie, Player, and Friends as far as from Australia (I am currently in Switzerland).

Have a good weekend more awards are waiting for you to donate…

IBelieveInYou awards by Stephane Barras 

  • PuttZones/Putting Master Class by Stephane Barras: 1500.- CHF. You will learn the secret/scientifical breakthrough putting research/findings by Stephane Barras.
  • Caddie/Coach by Stephane Barras Tours optimizer:  2’500.- CHF. Stephane Barras will invite/caddie/coach you at the 2020 Memorial Olivier Barras at Crans Montana.
  • CPI Final Pro-Am - Play with the Best:  5’000.- CHF. You will be invited to play the Final CPI Pro-Am or equivalent & Stephane Barras as you ForeCaddie.
  • A full season coaching by Stephane Barras: 25’000.- CHF. 2020 GolfDigest #BestInternationalTeachers list Stephane Barras will optimize your golf potential.

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CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 by Stephane Barras Kick off May 1st

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CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 by Stephane Barras (CPOI)

 Pre-Launch valid only for Swiss PGA members and CaddiePlayer registers

Press Release/Rules and Regulations

May 1st Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Stephane Barras, CaddiePlayer Founder, is inviting men and women Professionals, from around the World (1) to join the CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 (CPOI) in a innovative 3 stages format tournament.

FORMAT: A) Professional scores to be entered Online. B) Two level Professional entry fee, with Caddie* 95.- CHF, without Caddie* 145.- CHF C) Final Prize Money equally shared with the Caddie.  

*If Professional enter without a Caddie, CPOI organizer provide the Caddie, if entered with a Caddie, the Caddie must register to and from his Caddie account register the Professional (Player) he agreed with. *Caddies can be either Tour Caddies, Coaches, Managers, Friends/Family or Sponsors. Each CPOI stage. Professional have until July 31th to secure their entry fee with or without Caddie options. If the Player enter the CPOI with a Caddie, its the Caddie how need to register first and from his account need to register his Player. 

Stage1: From May 1st to July 31st  2020, Professional or assigned Caddie, Coach, Manager, Friend/Family or Sponsor sign up to  and register. Once the Professional has been registered, the Professional or assigned Caddie, Coach, Manager, Friend/Family or Sponsor must enter any Professional’s 4 rounds from any official Professional tournaments played between May 1st 2019 and April 30th 2020 where the Par of the golf course was 72.

When entering rounds select "name of the tournament" > Invitational 2020 - Stage1 and "type of round" > Invitational 2020. For more information how to enter rounds go to .

Satge2: August 1st, the top 250 Professionals and ties + 25 Professionals outside the TOP 250 as lottery ticket, will advance to Stage2. These 275 Players and ties will restart the CPOI from August 1st until December 31, 2020 by re-entering 8 official tournament rounds scores on par 72 courses (made or missed cuts is irrelevant & number of rounds in the tournaments).

Stage3: The Top 45 Professionals + 15 invites and their official CPOI registered Caddies, if registered with, will qualify for the CPOI Final 3 rounds tournament. Exact location/venue/prizes and dates TBC.  Ties will go through a play-off.

Stephane Barras is linked with golf since 1943 when his cousins Geo and Guillaume Barras co-founded the Swiss PGA. Son of Roger Barras a past Swiss golf champion, Stephane is a Swiss PGA member since 1983 and has played, caddied, coached, researched from/with some of the best players in the World.  In 2013, he founded solution to assist/optimize TOURS Caddies and Players performances. In 2020, Stephane was awarded by GolfDigest Top75 “Best International Teachers”.  Stephane is also an Author “LaDifference” (1995), Researcher at World Science Golf Congress (2012-2016) and co-founded “Sport Equilibre” Foundation (2004). His relatives are the organizers of the Memorial Olivier Barras and the Omega European Masters.  

By launching the Invitational 2020, Stephane is also responding to the “Solidarity Channel” set by #IBelieveInYou Crowdfunding platform to declare “war” on the corona virus. One goal scheme of the CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 by Stephane Barras is to raise 5'000.- CHF for SwissPGA "Helping Hands" program. 

  • The first 25 Professionals approved registrations will take part in a draw to qualify for CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational 2020 Final. The CPOI Final to be played between January 1st and May 1st 2021.
  • Playing Professional male and female and clubs teaching professional are welcome. 
  • Pro-Am rounds do not count.     
    • (1) Pre-Launch only for Swiss PGA members and CaddiePlayer registers before May 1st 2020. Caddies, Coaches, Managers, Friends/Family or Sponsors from anywhere. Upon Pre-Launch assessment, others PGA’s Professionals to be later included.
  • Rounds cards and further instructions will be provided by CPOI organizer.
  • All Participants to be fully trusted and must apply to CPOI Rules and Regulations. If not they will be disqualified. CPOI allow to use Participants for marketing/promotions of the CaddiePlayer.Online Invitational. 
  • CPI Rules and Regulations may change according to Covid-19 pandemic evolution and more issues regarding the CPOI Pre-Launch results.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  Tweeter: @caddieplayer2  / Instagram: @CPOInvitational2020

Entry Fees & Donation & Awards will be used for:

Prize Money 25'000.- CHF - Operation 15'000.- CHF - %Taxes 5'000.- CHF - Charity 5'000.- CHF  

I Believe In You CPI Crowdfunding goal 50'000.- CHF in 50 Days...


CaddiePlayer launch breakthrough statistical integrations

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As from today Caddie and Player will be able to benefit, complimentary from CaddiePlayer/Stephane Barras, several new statistical integrations to their individual account. This marks the biggest statistical integration since CaddiePlayer launch in 2013.

Key statistical integration is the result of collecting/analysing thousands of data received by YOU, CaddiePlayer.

From the Caddie analysis "Wedges Reach" - "DPutt1 Drained Total Distance" - "OutZones Ratio" - "Putter Up and Down" - "Multiple from 60Side" are a few exemples that will help a Caddie to better understand his Player's game and "Print" complete round reports with Caddie-Player-Coach comments. 

From the Player side the main feature is the automatic calculation/integration of the "4Shots Rule" presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf at St-Andrews University (Baradie-Barras 2016).

The "4shots Rule" CaddiePlayer three stats integration "Consistency Ratio" - "Positive CR Outlier" - "Negative CR Outlier" will allow Players to see powerful simple data linked with their "Mind Game Routine" which, to the best of our knowledge, no other statistical solution is able to present.

"I believe in difficult times we must act and find ways to improve how we do/see things for a brighter future. I thank all CaddiePlayer registrations and the CaddiePlayer development team to have made these integrations possible. "

Stephane Barras, CaddiePlayer Founder

Consistency Ratio Amongst many new stats intergrations are:  the Consistency Ratio - Positive CR Outlier - Negative CR Outlier 

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