TheMasters week with a CaddiePlayer win: Thomas -12 at the First ParaGolf Open de Roissy in Paris.

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Is Thomas Colombel, autiste golf Professionnal from France, bringing the game to new grounds?

A CaddiePlayer since 2024, Thomas is going strong with a WIN at 12 under par 36 holes first Roissy Paragolf Open supported by UGolf and the France Federation of Golf (FFG). We are looking forward to see how Thomas will evolve not only on the ParaGolf circuit where he currently lead the France order of Merit yet as well against everyone else on the other Tours like the Alps, Challenge and more opportunity that will come to along.

Interesting enough "autisme" according to some research perceive the game of golf as one perfect environement to elevate themself.  

Quote from Psychanalyste Sandrine Vialle-Lenoë 

"Golf’s routine should not require any effort for autistic people, because routine presents itself as a necessary solution. The repetition of the swing, its tempo, rhythm, are part of a whole responding to their quest for immutability."


You can follow and support Thomas on his instagram social Media > until then enjoy THEMASTERS week with Grillo (CP 2014), Pavon (CP 2018) and 87 more... >  

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