2024 with CaddiePlayer your guide to lower scores... Testimony from CP multiple winner Daniel.

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Testimony from CP multiple 2023 winner Daniel. 

"I started using CaddiePlayer at the begining of the 2023 season, and I am very satisfied with my development as a player. I have dropped my scoring average in 2023 compared to 2022 from 71.44 to 70.56 strokes per round, which at the professional level is a huge step forward.

There were three fundamental things that I found most valuable in CaddiePlayer:

First, the method of PuttZones helped me understand how important speed is to holing more putts and avoiding three-putts. Stéphane Barras showed me some speed drills when he accompanied me in tournaments that I have been replicating to instantly get the speed right when arriving at a new course.

Second, I have found important that after each bogey or worse, the platform tells you to write a comment about what went wrong on that hole. I feel that I have become a much smarter player because of the awareness this creates about past mistakes. This has improved my decision making on the course which is shown in the scoring average improvement.

Third, I find the platform easy to use and filling the statistics at the end of each round is not very time consuming. I had used other tools in the past that were too meticulous to complete and did not provide the insights that actually helped me understand how to score better. The SwingScore is a much more effective way to know where your ball-striking performance is. Paired up with the CaddiePlayer reports I received every couple of months, I was able to practice smarter on my weaknesses and also determine the strengths in my game."

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until then Happy New Year from CaddiePlayer Team.  


CaddiePlayer Founder Stephane guiding Player Daniel to win the Swiss PGA TOUR 2023

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