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"CaddiePlayer" solution is Free* to use and complimentary of researcher PGA Stephane Barras.

By using CaddiePlayer.com you understand that the website is still under development and improving and we are not responsible for loosing your data.

In exchange, you also agree to:

  • link CaddiePlayer.com with your social media tools (website, twitter, facebook).
  • allow researcher PGA Stephane Barras to use your name (image) for publicities or further research.

Your personal information, like your scores, statistics comments from caddies, coach or players can be use for research purpose or as references

Should you have any comments or questions > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 *Upon request,  Stéphane Barras can assist you to read, understand and improve (fees and contract apply) your statistics. Stéphane Barras is also acting on Tours as a Performance Manager and Putting Coach > as references > http://www.raphaeljacquelin.com/liens.html and http://joelgirrbach.ch/mein-team/



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