Caddies Facts by Stéphane Barras

Nowdays golf has become a huge business driven mostly by Tours and tour Players where brands invest millions of dollars to promote their goods.

To be successful, a player must go through a minimum of 10 years of training, commitment and hard work. At the Tour level, we speak a lot about "decision making" which club, which line and so on. Because "every shot" can make "the Difference" between winning or loosing this is where the caddie key role come into place. I have myself caddie on Tours and I know how important each "decision" can make.

When you caddie, its not appropriate to talk over the shot you player just execute and after the round the caddie and the player are often too tired to talk it over. Also, during my research on putting perception, I was surprise to find out that some caddies had not the same perception defintions on putting distance as their respective players. This showed me that they might be a lack of communication or understanding between caddies and players and this is also one reason why I decide to build CaddiePlayer.

Looking forward for you to join! Stéphane Barras CaddiePlayer founder

With CaddiePlayer Caddies will be able too:

1-Register each hole/round of your player, 2-Comments each hole/round of your player, 3-Share informations with your player, 4-See key statistics for your player, 5-More things to assist your player to score lower.

 Note: If you are a Coach you can register as a Caddie and create account for your Students.




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