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I was betting for Rory Mcilroy, but did not win the 100’000£. His father Did!


Dubai Desert Classic 2007, Rory Mcilroy is playing as an Amateur, I am there scouting for a German Sports Agent who request me to find the next superstar of Golf. I am on the range at the Emirates Golf Club, my eyes sharp as an eagle, thanks to more than 30 years watching the best swing in the world, my eyes are scanning for the “Magic Move” and here it is, the Irish 17 years of age public unknown, curly dark hair, playing as an Amateur alongside the best and here I went following Rory Mcilroy at the Majlis course, 4 hours later, I was speaking with Father Mcilroy (Gerry) if his son was still available for a Agent Contract. “Sure, Yes we would highly appreciate some support! Thank you for your interest in my Son. Here is my phone number” I quickly past on Gerry’s phone to Sports Agent Greiner but Greiner never called Gerry.

British Open 2014, July 20th Hoylake Royal Liverpool, I am trying to catch a piece of the Action, Rory is lifting the Claret Jug, the bet is won, Player Rory Glory and Agent Greiner Pity!

This time I did not bet for Rory but for Casey! Note: As I was sharing the room with Casey’s Caddie Paul Duca. I felt the odds 50-1 was a good chance to pay off my room. Never less, I did not come to Hoylake to bet, I came to Hoylake to Promote CaddiePlayer and thanks to Todd Hamilton (2004 British Open Winner and First CaddiePlayer non official Player that I assist back in 2012 to get a Top10 in PGA tour ) Todd kindly granted me a “PlayerGuestBadge”. Having a “PlayerGuesBadge” is the ultimate “Sesame Ouvre Toi” to see closer and better where the real action is: Players, Agents, Sponsors, Coaches, Families and close friends they are all there. So if you want to meet them just say Hi. I was there to CaddiePlayer John Daly and Todd Hamilton. Daly because last time I was at the British 1995 he won and since then I got to meet Daly's girl friend Annie now her Caddie too.

However my biggest surprise of all would not come from Hamilton’s “PlayerGuestBadge” but from my every day Journey Back to Liverpool one hour Train ride from Hoylake. Its 20h30, after a long day at Hoylake I finally arrive at JamesStreetStation down Town Liverpool to disembark and run up to the Elevator as a last to enter, I find myself face to face with who I believe to be Sean Foley!? Is it really him?? I saw him on TV, on Magazine, on the Web, Foley the coach of Tiger Woods face to face with Me in a Liverpool Train Station Elevator!?

What to do next? So here I say: Are you Sean Foley? The Famous Sean Foley? When he answer “Yes” and I said: “cool me too I am a coach” He looked at me and must have thought “So What…” but then I said: “I am a CaddiePlayer coach… “ I gave him the CaddiePlayer brochure, my card and explain Foley that CaddiePlayer is a course management solution when he answers: “… Yes, course management is important….” and here our “Face to Face” ended. He turned left to his hotel and me right to mine…. Walking back I thoughts wooah…. I just met Sean Foley the most wanted Coach of the moment in a public Train Station… Will he contact me? Instead GOD did it.

Next day, Friday 20h30 as thousands of people are heading home after another day of British Open Golf extravaganza, I am at Hoylake Train Station and guess what? Sean Foley is again next to me!? What a coincidence, I thought what!? “This is too much….” I toke out my camera not to miss this First-class Selfi to post it on my facebook page and witness tens of “I Like”.  To make it short, I got to ride a one hour train journey next to SUPER BUSY, SUPER COACH Sean Foley…. When he finally start to ask me questions….

Until next time!

Stéphane Barras, CaddiePlayer or Die = The ultimate Science into Golf Solution


Family celebration Rory MciLroy with Mother an Father Gerry who also win his 100'000£ 2004  bet.

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