Ending the season with a World Record: Are Ladies playing better than Mens?

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LPGA Jin Young Ko reach historical 63 Greens in a row! 

and win CME GROUP Tour Championship 1'500.'000.- USD first prize. 

In my best seller Golf Manual "La Difference" I write: "The goal of the Golf Swing is to understand and control how to "throw" the ball at the proper height, direction and length and once your body "controls" these 3 elements you shall be able to reach Green in Regulation (GIR). The more Greens you reach the better a player you are and the lowest your score shall be."

According to Dr Lou Riccio there is a correlation between the number of green you reach and the score you play. This correlation is part of CaddiePlayer data solution calculation as (GIRx2-95)+(Dp-DbGIR) = SwingScore.

In order to reach as many Greens in Regulation you should not only control your "Swings" technics but also: The Clubs selection, Slopes direction,  Shots distances, Weather conditions and at last the Hazardous of the bounces.  All in all reaching 18 greens in regulation is unlikely to happen to often! However a good short game (within 60 yds in) will make up a better score! > (4shots Rule Barras-Baradie 2016)  

Lou Stagner from Golf Stat Pro quote: "On the PGA Tour statistics, you are more likely to see an ace than to see a player hit all 18 greens. Chances a player hits all 18 greens are: Once every ~582 rounds. Chances of a hole-in-one are: Once every ~563 rounds."

GIR63JinYoung Ko

(Right Graph) PGA Tour most consecutive GIR through the year. Left Jin Young Ko with 63 consecutive GIR! 

Steve Fox It Consulting quote: "To put this in perspective. Looking at the last 30 years of Shotlink data, the best streak on the @PGATOUR was 51 consecutive GIR by Bob Lohr in 1992. What Jin Young Ko did was truly incredible!" 

In the 80's while I was an apprenticed at Boca Raton FL "International Golf School", I had the privilege/honored to assit PGA "All of Fame" Bill Strausbaugh. I recall Bill speaking about LPGA Mickey Wright telling me that she had the "best Swing ever." I guess now it must be Jin Young Ko!


Jin Young Ko's Extraordinary SwingScores, averaging 61,5   > Full story: https://www.lpga.com/news/2021/jin-young-ko-successfully-defends-at-cme-group-tour-championship

#IamCaddiePlayer Founder Stephane Barras.

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