My 3 weeks with the LEGENDS > The Legends Tour is where you will learn something inside the Box > The Farmfoods BritishPar3 Championship definitely an outside the Box Invitational!

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I am so gratefull... I could spend 3 weeks/3 events insights (TheSeniorBritish, TheSeniorPGA, The Farmfoods BritishPAR3) to witness that reaching 50+ can be great not only for the game but for your game as well > I can guarantee you will learn more by watching the Legends than watching DeChambeau.

These Legends still have great power, great skills and most importantly great sense of friendliness as for them happy to be there still competing and most importantly sharing their knowledge with you and me with one "Moto" in mind having a good time!

Thanks to the vision of Ryan Howsam the new format rebrands Legends Tour's CEO, I felt something great is happening and most importantly you could be a part of it. >

"Not only have the Legends created some of the most iconic moments in golf, but they're still competing at the highest level and all great personalities.  Every Legend has a lifetime of stories to tell". Ryan Howsam Legends Tour CEO

The Farmfoods British Par3 Championship 

The Farmfoods British Par 3 Championship was re-invented by Rick Cressman with the help of Sid and Legends Mark Mouland in 1998. The tiny Cromwell course at Nailcote played host and has done ever since. Rick’s back garden has produced many fantastic and memorable times. See you there next year with Rick his guests and their Caddies! 

"Its such a tricky little course" Legends Barry Lane 

"The hardest easy course in the World"  Len Goodman 


With Warren Jacklin (son of Tony Jacklin), Rebecca Knee Founder of KneeCaddies and Caddie Dominique, Rick Cressman & André Bossert N.1 Swiss Legend Golfer

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