CaddiePlayer launch breakthrough statistical integrations

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As from today Caddie and Player will be able to benefit, complimentary from CaddiePlayer/Stephane Barras, several new statistical integrations to their individual account. This marks the biggest statistical integration since CaddiePlayer launch in 2013.

Key statistical integration is the result of collecting/analysing thousands of data received by YOU, CaddiePlayer.

From the Caddie analysis "Wedges Reach" - "DPutt1 Drained Total Distance" - "OutZones Ratio" - "Putter Up and Down" - "Multiple from 60Side" are a few exemples that will help a Caddie to better understand his Player's game and "Print" complete round reports with Caddie-Player-Coach comments. 

From the Player side the main feature is the automatic calculation/integration of the "4Shots Rule" presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf at St-Andrews University (Baradie-Barras 2016).

The "4shots Rule" CaddiePlayer three stats integration "Consistency Ratio" - "Positive CR Outlier" - "Negative CR Outlier" will allow Players to see powerful simple data linked with their "Mind Game Routine" which, to the best of our knowledge, no other statistical solution is able to present.

"I believe in difficult times we must act and find ways to improve how we do/see things for a brighter future. I thank all CaddiePlayer registrations and the CaddiePlayer development team to have made these integrations possible. "

Stephane Barras, CaddiePlayer Founder

Consistency Ratio Amongst many new stats intergrations are:  the Consistency Ratio - Positive CR Outlier - Negative CR Outlier 

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