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Chateau Chailly Golf Club, CaddiePlayer Centre, France, Burgundy.

It will be my second 2018 US Open (having done the US Women’s Open two weeks ago) as an online coach & data analyser, but this time there will be no talking, just pictures and text - Thanks to Whatsapp!

Welcome to the new age of technology, where you can assist TourPlayers in front of your computer and mobile device. It amazes me to think that I started back in 2000 with amateur Clive Agran "Single HCP or bust" and to know the success it has brought, and I am still doing it 18 years later!  

Last week was another example, with CaddiePlayer member Raphael Jacquelin playing in the Austrian European Tour #ShotClockMasters (what a great concept) making a birdie on the last to tie third, bringing him his best result since the 2015 Scottish Open (second to Ricky Fowler). Meanwhile CaddiePlayer Celine Herbin was competing in the LPGA #ShopRite Classic. Playing for the first time in the leader group during the last round and, finishing back to back birdie to Tie 10th. Her best LPGA career result yet. Both players making the best combined results for Caddie Player since its launch back in 2013.

The paradox of all these technologies is that I am becoming overloaded (burnt out) by all this time spent on Facebook and Twitter etc! Of course they are a great tool for gaining information, but they are also a big time consumer, keeping our brains so busy that we do not have any more time to mentally meander. This, according to science research, is affecting our capacities to generate our best ideas and brilliance.

Luckily, I have found a cure through reading the last book of Manoush Zomorodi "Bored and Brilliant", here is a quote from page 33 Chapter 2 > Digital OverLoad.

" I am taking a break from my phone... I find myself seeing the world through a screen and not my eyes"

-Ed Sheeran on quitting social media

I will take up Challenge Four of the book - "Delete that App" . Take the one app you can't live without and trash it. (don't worry, you'll live.) 

Best regards and enjoy the US Open in front of whatever media you choose! And if you are lucky enough to be there in person I suggest you follow first group1, tee1 off at 06h45 (Matthieu Pavon playing his first USOpen). >

An early time to wake up but happily for me and my computer, by that time it will be afternoon here in Chailly in France! ;-) 

Cheers, #IamCaddiePlayer, Stephane Barras 

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