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The PGA Championship and the Ricoh's Women British Open have just ended, all Golf eyes are now turning to Rio Golf next (Major) event. How many Golf Olympians will parade on Friday August 5 Maracanã refreshed Stadium? As after all I can imagine that this should be the highlight of any Olympians Life.

As today August first we celebrate my country Switzerland national day, I recall August first 2014 when I had the honor to officially parade my city street Crans-Montana (I was parading as the ambassador of Ski and Golf in China where I launch the Olympic Quest project “354”). Parading for any circumstances give you a feel of proudness and responsibilities.

As far as my CaddiePlayer responsibilities is to provide to all golfers in quest of performances the latest and most innovation possible, I spend a lot of time thinking and searching. Two weeks ago, I had the great opportunity to be part of the Scientific World Congress of Golf VII. Held at the University of St-Andrews, I was able to listen, questioned and share with some of the best researchers, professors and teachers from the Industry and after listening most, I was re-comfort that the CaddiePlayer Protocol is “matching” the ideal performance model.

My week in St-Andrews was also define by the “List” not the Schindler “List” (referring to Spielberg, 1993 Master Piece) but rather the IGF “List” where I could spot 18 females and 15 males whom with I have a story.

Among them, from Switzerland: Fabienne In Albon who attended my Golf Camp School back in 2000. From Great Britain: Justin Rose who was part of my putting research back in 2011. From France: Karine Icher who was the first beneficiary of my putting research back in 2012. From China: Li Hao Tong who I invited to play his first Professional event in Europe back in 2013.

I wish to any of “My” 33 Olympians “List” to win a Medal and who knows we might then Parade Crans-Montana street August first 2017…. for all the others, I invite them to read the CaddiePlayer Tutorial and learn from the latest Update > www.caddieplayer.com/tutorial

Until next time #IamStéphane, #IamCaddieMedalRio and more


*Caddie Medal Rio is my initiative to the 2016 Olympians Golfers “List” to send their statistics and benefits from the latest Science findings.

To beneficiate from this initative you just need to login and register as a "Player" and then I will link you with "CaddieMedalRio"



All about Rio 2016 Olympics Games > http://www.nbcolympics.com/golf


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