About The PuttZones System

    "Every Zone Counts" = Latest Putting Science Research


PuttZones Brief 

The PuttZones System is the ending result of the 2011 putting research « Better Understanding Putting Distance Perception and Goals » This research was conducted by Swiss and UAE PGA member Stéphane Barras. The research was presented at the World Scientific Congress of Golf (www.golfscience.org 2012) and later published in the International Journal of Golf Science. In 2013, Stéphane Barras launch CaddiePlayer a practical Solution based on the research.

In WSCG 2016 Stéphane Barras co-presented at the University of St-Andrews Scotland, a Tutorial Research called >  "The 4 Shots Rule". This research is also in connected with the PuttZones System.

(These research can be download from the "TUTORIAL" within CaddiePlayer.com Solution).

The PuttZones System, part of CaddiePlayer Solution, divide the putting green into 4 zones (Circle)

  1. The Tap.
  2. The Short.
  3. The Medium. 
  4. The Long.

Each Zone has its own procedure, strategy and goal.

From Stéphane's research on putting, we knows that in order to optimize your Scoring each PuttZones Ratio result must match a ideal %. Once you enter 12 rounds into CaddiePlayer.com Data Analyse, you will be able to see your "PuttZones Ratio". (Below Exemple)


By using the Puttzones System, Tour Player Raphael Jacquelin reach his best putting career European Tour Statistics (2015-2016). By using the PuttZones system properly we can guarantee that your putting average per round will be under 30 putts, this is a must condition if you aspire to be in the top of the leaderboard.

By attending a PuttZones System training course with its founder, Stéphane Barras, you will be able to better understand how each Zone works and more importantly improve your or your students putting performance. > for inquiry > This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ultimatly you will learn:

  • The PuttZones Distances.
  • The PuttZones Language.
  • The PuttZones Walk.
  • The PuttZones Thought.
  • The PuttZones Drills.
  • More PuttZones technics to become the best putter you can imagine.

Putting release

                     Stéphane Barras Launching the PuttZones System, World Premier - Yalong Bay Golf Club, Sanya - Hainan (China) 2013 


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